BIE Favourite Projects 2016

I was very excited to learn that project I wrote about extensively in my blog post Establishing Adult Connections through Authentic Projects was recognised as one of the top projects of 2016 according to John Larmer, the Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education (BIE).

BIE Blog Post

I collaborated with my team teachers to design, resource and programme the 10 week project for Year 9. The project was an integration between English and history and focused on World War II and the Holocaust through a study of John Boyne’s historical novel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Students were given countless opportunities to authentically engage with experiences from that time period including FaceTime lectures from university professors and even a Skype session with museum curators from Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Students utilised the skills and knowledge they learnt throughout the project and collaborated with their groups to curate a museum exhibit, complete with artefacts. These excellent exhibits were then presented to a live audience on parent/teacher evening.

A video of the project is below:

Class Teachers:

  • Kurt Challinor
  • Maddison Cleveringa
  • Shamaine Jacobs
  • Clinton Rodoreda
  • Toni Sheehan



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